Me in the Alphabet

A: I have autism

B: I was the best behaved when I was born in our family

C: I have an awesome class

D: I like drawing

E: My name is Emily

F: I love facts

G: I am girly                                                                                                                                                                                H:  I have a friend called Hali

I: I am part Irish

J: I have a brother named James

K: I can kick really high

L: I am really good at drawing love hearts

M: My blogging teacher is Mrs Riding

N: I am nearly 10

O: I like olives

P: I am pretty

Q: I like quilts

R: I hate racism (I hate it when people use it because it is just rude)

S: I love swimming

T: I am talented

U:I always use an umbrella when it’s raining

V: I am not vain

W: I hate getting wet

X: I hate x-rays ( I’ve never had one)

Y: I love yummy food

Z: I love zebras


6 thoughts on “Me in the Alphabet

  1. I really like how you set up your alphabet post.I thought that it was really creative and Funny.And i really like how I can relate to it because i hate getting wet too lol,and I love zebras too but I really wish I could see one one day other than at the zoo.

  2. I love Zebras too. They’re very pretty especially how they have those black and white stripes along their body. They’re very calm animals in the wild. I love how you made the words broad to show it’s the word you used for your sentence.

  3. Hey Emily,
    My name is India I didn’t know that you were nearly 10 Im nearly 10 too. Also i didn’t know you were pretty. I have’t seen you in person but I still think you are so pretty come and visit my blog at

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